Better Transit

Transit provides high-quality employment, makes it easier to get around, and makes city that much more livable. With new light rail in Surrey and Langley, 11 new B-Lines, a Broadway subway line, and 25% more buses, the Mayors’ Council Transportation and Transit Plan will provide fast, frequent and convenient transportation options across Metro Vancouver. It will also create thousands of jobs, save families money, and reduce carbon emissions. All of this will be funded by a stable, predictable portion of the carbon tax.

Transit provides enormous benefits for the livability of a region. The Mayors’ Council Transportation and Transit Plan will save 20-30 minutes of commute time for some of the most congested corridors, while also saving the average family $500 a year. We’ll see total carbon emissions fall by 8.2% over business as usual, and will be well on our way to more than half of trips being made by walking, cycling and transit by 2043.


And transit puts people to work. Over 10 years, this transit plan will create 26,322 person years of new direct employment. By 2024, the annual number of person years of work from the Mayors’ Council plan will be 5,901. Transit investment is effective economic stimulus: every dollar invested in improved transit infrastructure creates $1.48 in benefits, and reduces private sector costs by 17 cents. The result is a $4.48 billion boost in Metro Vancouver’s GDP.