Climate change is already here, and good jobs are in short supply.

Our seasons are changing, and extreme weather events are becoming more common. Our economy isn’t providing the kind of good jobs it used to. More people find themselves in precarious employment, often having to leave behind the places they are from for jobs they can count on for months. We don’t have the infrastructure we need: whether moving around people or energy, we’re using 20th century technology to deal with 21st century problems. Our communities suffer while our climate commitments go unmet.

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Green jobs are career-track, family supporting jobs our communities need across the province. Stable, sustainable positions, green jobs remain rooted in their regions- you can’t offshore a rapid transit mechanic or building retrofit specialist. Around the world, green jobs are growing, as both a solution to climate instability and as a way to provide good jobs.

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Green jobs are good jobs. One problem can solve the other.

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Join us in calling for smart, targeted investments in building retrofits, clean energy and mass transit. Let’s create the good jobs that will tackle climate change and make our communities stronger.

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